Defence of a multinational mining conglomerate and its senior executives in parallel investigations by the Serious Fraud Office and U.S. Department of Justice of alleged Bribery Act and FCPA violations in Central Asia and Africa.


Representation of the founder and major shareholder of a PLC in his battle with the current board over suspicions of serious corruption perpetrated by current and former directors of the PLC.


Defence of senior executives of a large publicly traded company being investigated by multiple investigatory authorities for alleged corruption in a former Soviet country. Working alongside Company’s counsel. Resulted in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.


Defence of a multinational pharmaceutical company in relation to a Serious Fraud Office enquiry prompted by anonymous whistle-blower complaints – sent directly to UK and US prosecutors -- relating to alleged bribery of Indian healthcare professionals. Resulted in no further action being taken by SFO.


Defence of a Nordic engineering company in World Bank debarment negotiations following an internal investigation into allegations of corrupt and collusive behavior in Ukraine. Work involved conducting an investigation, settlement discussions, and remediation. 


Represention of an overseas investor in a UK company in his successful efforts to remove directors suspected of fraud, securing freezing orders against them, and referral to the enforcement authorities.


Representation of numerous clients including a multinational technology company, Russian businessmen, and a shareholders group in their referrals to the Serious Fraud Office of alleged corruption by third parties.


Advising and assisting a high profile conglomerate in combating cyber criminals using the company’s name and assets to perpetrate a fraud. The case involved investigative work and work to disable the fraud.


Representation of individuals in section 2 interviews with the Serious Fraud Office, including in connection with the SFO’s case against Harlequin Group.


Representation of a banking executive implicated in the Serious Fraud Office’s investigation into the alleged manipulation of the LIBOR benchmark.


Advising numerous clients, including a private equity firm and a global energy firm operating in Turkey on their reporting obligations under UK proceeds of crime legislation following the uncovering by an internal investigation of suspected criminal activity within a portfolio company.


Representation of a well-known U.S. acquirer operating in the software sector in conducting post-acquisition due diligence, and advising on anti-corruption and money laundering exposure arising from historic and ongoing activities of the UK registered acquired entity with operations in former Soviet countries, and remedial steps.


Internal investigation into allegations of ‘front running’ made against a private equity client operating in Russia.


Internal investigation into allegations of ‘wall crossing’ within an institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Internal investigation for a financial institution into suspected sanctions violations by ‘wire- stripping’ being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority and US authorities.


Internal investigation into a suspected serious fraud perpetrated against the joint venture entity of a client by one of its senior employees.


Internal investigation into a whistle-blower report that material misrepresentations had been made by a cutting edge biotech company to its regulator and the markets.


Internal investigation for a major pharmaceuticals company into a whistle-blower’s allegations of systematic bribery of Healthcare Professionals in Spain.


Internal investigation into a whistle-blower’s allegations of bribery and intimidation made against the head of foreign operations of major US manufacturing company.


Internal investigation for a global internet services company into a suspected serious fraud perpetrated against its JV in Pakistan by a senior employee.


Conducting numerous risk assessments, pre and post-acquisition due diligence projects and developing compliance programs for companies including an Indian JV in the construction sector, a U.S. pharmaceuticals company expanding into new markets, an energy company operating in high risk jurisdictions, and a Japanese manufacturer with a global footprint.

Notable Representations